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My First Bioinformatics Workshop

My first experience as a participant in an international workshop after deciding to continue my delayed studies due to working in the IT field was a workshop on data mining and bioinformatics in 2017 with Dr. Mario Guarracino from the National Research Council of Italy.

This workshop was the beginning of my contact with the world of biomedical research and bioinformatics. It was an inspiring event for me. I became eager to do exciting things like Dr. Guarracino. And here I am now, trying to explore the field of health biotechnology at the Master’s Program of Biotechnology UGM.

It’s quite a long story why I decided to choose the field of biotechnology. Previously, I had studied plant taxonomy and even got LOA as a visiting scientist to learn about liverworts in Japan. However, I could not take the opportunity to go to Japan because I decided to accompany my pregnant wife (I’ll write about this in another blog post).

There are many exciting things and information that I got after attending this workshop. Biological data are large, high dimensional, and freely available. Many problems are still open and might provide a workbench for developing/applying computational methods.

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