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Every Lecture, One Question (ELOQ)

It is not always easy to stay awake during a long lecture. It’s especially true amid the current pandemic when most courses are still delivered online. Many students turn off the camera, don’t pay attention in class, and sometimes fall asleep during class.

There are a few simple ways to stay involved and interested in the course. To get the most out of each class, use this easy and effective method: “Every Lecture, One Question (ELOQ)”. When reading the topic you’ll be covering in the lecture the night before, make a mental note of any questions that spring to mind. Then, in class, pay attention to what the Professor says and tailor your questions accordingly. Finally, if you have a question that you think is relevant and significant, don’t hesitate to ask. 

There are numerous benefits that I have experienced as a result of implementing this approach. Before the pandemic, I got some rewards for being the most active participant or having my query selected as the best question during a workshop/seminar. During the Covid19 pandemic (online class), I kept up my habit of asking one question every class session. Not only did I get a clearer picture of the subject, but I also gained better knowledge by using this method, while also keeping me focused and awake during the learning process. Lecturers will be happy if you only ask one or two good questions, and your friends will be annoyed if you ask too many questions.

There are many benefits to being persistent in asking questions that I never imagined. A lecturer once gave me a letter of recommendation for a student exchange to Australia. “He is an enthusiastic student, eager to learn and ask questions during the class,” according to one of the recommendations in his letter.

Then I also got an internship in Taiwan after asking a single question at an international conference. At that time, I was trying to concentrate on the keynote speaker’s lecture. Then I tried to ask what was on my mind during the Q&A session. The Professor was interested in my query and advised that I send him an email to find out more about the answer to my question. I decided to email him the next day. After some discussion, the Professor generously helped me to be able to attend summer school, even though my campus has not yet collaborated or become a partner university of his campus.

So, those are some pointers for those who are curious about receiving recommendations from lecturers and participating in several student exchanges. The replies can be lengthy, but the simplest thing you can do is: ask at least one question throughout each session. It’s easy and effective, and it’ll change the way you learn forever.

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