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Mission accomplissed

Happiness is simple.

After being away from the blue campus (UGM) for more than two octennials due to financial difficulties in the past, the prospect of going back there for further education brings me great joy.

It was fantastic to be mentored by the same professor who taught me 16 years ago (and I hope I’ll have better luck this time). The fact that I am the oldest student in the class at the age of 39 gave me a special sense of motivation. I have the opportunity to refresh my knowledge alongside my peers who are still young and intelligent. Whether I like it or not, if I don’t want to left behind them, I have to work harder, be more persistent, and spend more time studying.

Thank you, God, for all your blessings. I was finally able to complete it step by step and become the fastest graduate of the class of 2020. It would not have been possible without the help of many parties, especially my beloved wife, the supervisors, the administrators of the Biotechnology Study Program, and all the other parties who cannot be named one by one.

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