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Agilent Genomics Day 2023

Precision oncology is an area that is changing very quickly. Attending events, conferences, or seminars given by pioneers and experts in the field is important to keep up with the latest developments. Last Friday (March 10), my colleague Saroj and I accompanied Prof
VC to an event called Genomics Day 2023, hosted by Agilent & Genomax Technologies. This event provides a platform to meet and network with experts, researchers and professionals in the field of precision oncology.

At this event, I learned how experts from all over Thailand share their insights and experiences with genomics and NGS, and how these technologies are being used to advance the field of precision medicine in oncology. I also learned about the latest research in the field and how it is being applied in clinical practice.

During the event, I was also able to try an easy-to-use NGS automation demo using the Magnis NGS Prep system. Thanks to Agilent and Prof. VC for inviting us to this seminar. I took a lot of notes about the fascinating things the speakers had to say about their topics.
Hopefully, I will be able to put some of these ideas into practice either in my future research or after I return to Indonesia.


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